Incident Response

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At Acumenis, we pride ourselves on identifying and responding to security incidents quickly and effectively - whether they be viruses, ransomware or other forms of cyber-attack. We understand that even a few hours of downtime can have a significant impact on your business' finances and reputation, and so we focus on helping you to get operations up and running again speedily and with minimal damage. We provide both technical response and crisis management.

IT security incidents are often time-critical, so it is important to call as soon as you suspect a breach has occurred.

Consulting and Design

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Security Design Consulting

A core focus of Acumenis is to understand the individual business and technology needs of our clients. We then work to ensure those needs are met, while significantly reducing exposure to cyber-attacks.

To remain competitive, businesses must be agile in their use of technology. A secure technical foundation allows businesses to act with speed, without facing additional risks.

Security breaches often occur in a number of stages including:

  • Initial Intrusion (such as through a malicious email attachment)
  • Privilege Escalation (for example, gaining admin rights)
  • Spreading to other machines on a network.

Our approach is to boost defences against every stage of an attack.

Acumenis can work alongside your existing IT staff or IT provider, to supplement their capabilities with specialist security skills and experience.

Server and Workstation Hardening

Acumenis can bolster the resiliency of your company's servers and workstations, often without the need for any additional investment in security products. We mitigate entire classes of attack in many environments by simply taking a considered approach to server and workstation configurations. We make use of features and techniques that are readily available, but too often neglected.

Network Hardening

Acumenis can protect your network from intruders. We configure your network design, switches and firewalls to provide adequate protection against worms and other malicious activity.

Security Audits and Testing

Are you at risk? We can find the gaps.

Network Vulnerability Scans

Just how vulnerable are your company's internal and external networks? Hackers have an irritating quality - persistence. They continually work to identify introduced weaknesses and ways to operate undetected within a company's systems. Many businesses fall victim to attacks, simply because they have not consistently ensured their networks are secure over time.

Once an environment's design has been improved and systems have been hardened, regular vulnerability scans provide assurance that systems remain protected and that weaknesses have not since been introduced. A routine check can ensure vulnerabilities are patched, before an attacker can exploit them.

Network Penetration Testing

Penetration testing goes a step further than vulnerability scanning. This process involves Acumenis systematically testing a network's defences. We use the same techniques commonly used by hackers to breach your systems. This exercise is often helpful immediately after network security has been improved as it helps to identify remaining gaps in defences.

Security Awareness

Feeling confused? We provide training.

Staff Awareness Training

A company's staff are a key part of an organisation's security strategy. Our customised workshops ensure your staff are aware of common breach techniques, as well as vulnerabilities unique to your business. We step through some of the ways employees are commonly targeted, and provide guidance on what to do when something seems fishy.

Phishing Awareness Campaigns

Used in conjunction with staff awareness training, phishing campaigns involve your staff receiving realistic, yet harmless phishing emails. This allows business owners to gauge the current level of staff awareness, and identify where additional training may be warranted.