Security Assessments

Security assessments are invaluable for identifying weak spots in your environment, and prioritising efforts to protect your assets. Acumenis offer a range of services to identify vulnerabilities and threats, and provide strategies to mitigate those risks.

Penetration Tests

Penetration tests simulate real-world attacks on your environment, validating the capability of your organisation's security efforts. Penetration tests are a key component of an effective security program, given their ability to challenge theoretical defences.

Vulnerability Scans

Regular vulnerability scans provide assurance that systems remain protected and that weaknesses have not since been introduced. A routine check can ensure vulnerabilities are patched, before an attacker can exploit them.

Security Design Assessments

An IT Security Design Assessment provides management with an accurate understanding of the organisation's overall security posture, identifies weaknesses, and provides a prioritised list of recommendations to mitigate those weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Security Consulting

Security Design Consulting

Acumenis provide security guidance and design services for organisations that are rolling out new platforms, to ensure that company data remains protected. Acumenis technical staff have experience across a diverse range of technology stacks and industries.

ISO 27001 Consulting

Acumenis assists organisations working towards ISO 27001 compliance, by performing risk assessments, identifying security controls, implementing security measures, compiling documentation and records, and assisting with ongoing maintenance and validation of the security controls.

Security Implementation

Acumenis technical staff have extensive project management experience, and can implement new security technologies into your environment. We have experience across a diverse range of technology stacks and industries and can compliment internal IT teams with specialist security skillsets.

Application Whitelisting

Acumenis are specialists in application whitelisting deployments, having rolled out Microsoft AppLocker and AirLock Digital solutions into a range of IT environments.

Multi Factor Authentication

MFA is one of the most effective mitigations against phishing attacks and other forms of credential theft. Acumenis can design and deploy an MFA solution to strengthen your organisations authentication processes.

Server Hardening

Acumenis can bolster the resiliency of your company's servers and workstations, often without the need for any additional investment in security products.

Network Hardening

Acumenis can protect your network from intruders. We configure your network design, switches and firewalls to provide adequate protection against worms and other malicious activity.

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