Fast-track your security program

Security Assessments

We identify the weak points in your network or web app, and provide strategies to mitigate those risks. Our range includes initial Security Design Assessments, ASD Essential Eight assessments, and NIST CSF audits.


We assist your IT team to deploy security controls such as hardening servers, rolling out an Application Whitelisting solution, deploying 2-Factor Authentication or configuring firewalls and Wi-Fi networks.

Penetration Testing

We perform Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Scans to validate that security controls are performing as expected. We test web applications and networks, as well as social engineering assessments.

Security Management

We assist with the development or maintenance of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) aligned with ISO 27001 standards to enable the effective ongoing management of cyber risks.

Our Most Popular Services

Penetration tests assess the effectiveness of your defences against the skills, techniques and toolsets of determined attackers.

Our qualified penetration testers pinpoint weaknesses that hackers exploit, so you can close gaps before they're abused. Acumenis test web applications, networks and Wi-Fi networks, as well as conduct social engineering assessments.

An Acumenis penetration test provides senior management with a clear understanding of the environment's current level of risk, and detailed guidance for technical staff to address those risks with appropriate security controls.

Attackers don't assume your vulnerability management strategies are completely effective. Neither should you.

Effective vulnerability management requires a proactive approach to discovering and patching vulnerabilities. A key part of such a system are regular vulnerability scans of both network devices and internet-facing services.

Acumenis can assist with the development or improvement of your vulnerability management plan, as well as performing regular vulnerability scans across your systems to locate anything that have been missed.

Security Design Assessments are ideal for those organisations in the early stages of developing an IT security program.

They provide management with a clear understanding of the organisation's information security posture, identify weaknesses and provide a prioritised list of recommendations for technical staff to improve resiliency.

Acumenis can evaluate your security posture against the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF), the ASD's Essential Eight or Top 35 Mitigation Strategies, or our own methodology designed for small and medium sized businesses.

ISO 27001 is a standard for developing and maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Rather than simply addressing today's technical vulnerabilities, an ISMS is designed to manage overall information security on an ongoing basis. ISO 27001 takes a risk-based approach to developing this system.

Acumenis can provide consulting and guidance during the process, beginning with the initial risk assessment through to the development of plans, policies and procedures, as well as implementing technical controls.

Application whitelisting is recognised as one of the most effective strategies against malware.

While antivirus software only blocks files that are known to be dangerous, application whitelisting takes the opposite approach and only allows known, trusted applications to launch.

Acumenis are experienced at deploying application whitelisting technologies such as Airlock Digital and Microsoft AppLocker into a wide range of environments, with minimal disruption to users and technical staff.

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