Security Design Assessments

Know where your business is at risk

An IT Security Design Assessment provides management with an accurate understanding of the organisation's overall security posture, identifies weaknesses, and provides a prioritised list of recommendations to mitigate those weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

As part of the assessment, we review servers, endpoints, firewalls and switches, and Internet facing services. We can also review cloud-based services to ensure that they are configured securely.

Our Security Design Assessments are ideal for organisations who are in the early stages of implementing an IT security program.

How would your network handle a targeted attack?

Acumenis assessments take a pragmatic approach, identifying weaknesses that may be exploited to progress through each stage of an intrusion, including:

  • Initial attack vectors, such as exposure to malicous attachments and websites, or weaknesses in remote access technologies
  • Persistence techniques, which allow attackers to remain in an environment, often unnoticed
  • Privilege escalation techniques, which are used by attackers to gain additional control over systems
  • Credential hygeine, to prevent passwords from being cracked or exposed
  • Lateral movement, whereby attackers or malware tries to spread from one machine to another

Why Choose Acumenis?

Our analysts aren't just passionate about IT security — they have the senior-level technical experience and qualifications to back it up. For our clients, this means our recommendations are more than just security "best practice" — they're effective, proven strategies that are achievable for your IT team.

Our analysts have an acute understanding of where systems are commonly exposed, how hackers take advantage of those vulnerabilities, and realistic measures to effectively mitigate those risks.