Penetration Tests

Security measures remain purely theoretical until they've been tested.

Penetration tests simulate real-world attempts to breach your defences. They're effective at not only identifying weaknesses, but also validating your detection capabilities.

An Acumenis penetration test provides senior management with a clear understanding of the environment's current level of risk, and detailed guidance for technical staff to address those risks with appropriate security controls.

Types of Penetration Tests


We assess your network for vulnerabilities

Web App

We test your web application for weaknesses


We check your WiFi networks for security flaws


We test the effectiveness of security training

Benefits of an Acumenis Penetration Test

  • Confidence in the ability of a system to withstand real-world attacks.
  • Compliance, where adherance to PCI DSS or ISO 27001 standards is required.
  • Potential reduction in ICT costs, by avoiding costly data breaches.
  • A detailed report, written for both senior management and technical staff. (Sample available upon request).
  • A debriefing session, to review findings and ensure root causes and recommendations are understood.
  • Complimentary remediation scan, to confirm that vulnerabilities are corrected.

Why Choose Acumenis?

Our analysts aren't just passionate about IT security — they have the senior-level technical experience and qualifications to back it up. For our clients, this means our recommendations are more than just security "best practice" — they're effective, proven strategies that are achievable for your IT team.

Our analysts have an acute understanding of where systems are commonly exposed, how hackers take advantage of those vulnerabilities, and realistic measures to effectively mitigate those risks.

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