Security Validation Services

Challenge your defences, before others do

When new security controls are implemented, or changes occur in an environment, it's important to ensure that defences that are in place are operating effectively. Acumenis perform a number of assessments to validate the effectiveness of a security program.

Penetration Tests

Penetration tests simulate real-world attacks on your environment, validating the capability of your organisation's security efforts. Penetration tests are a key component of an effective security program, given their ability to challenge theoretical defences. Our testing methodology provides confidence that a security program is performing as intended, and that it is capable of resisting tools and techniques used by criminals.

Vulnerability Scans

Once an environment's design assessed and security measures have been implemented, regular vulnerability scans provide assurance that systems remain protected and that weaknesses have not since been introduced. A routine check can ensure vulnerabilities are patched, before an attacker can exploit them.

Phishing Campaigns

Used in conjunction with security awareness training, phishing campaigns involve your staff receiving realistic, yet harmless phishing emails. This allows business owners to gauge the current level of staff awareness, and identify where additional training may be warranted. Performed properly, they can help staff to identify signs of a phishing email and report suspicious messages, without feeling guilty or afraid.