Security Improvement Services

Effective strategies for mitigating security risks

Once an initial security audit or risk assessment has been performed, mitigation strategies can be deployed to combat the identified vulberabilities. Acumenis are experienced in implementing a variety of proven tools and techniques across a range of industries.

Server and Workstation Hardening

Acumenis can bolster the resiliency of your company's servers and workstations, often without the need for any additional investment in security products. We mitigate entire classes of attack in many environments by simply taking a considered approach to server and workstation configurations. We make use of features and techniques that are readily available, but too often neglected.

Network Hardening Services

Acumenis can protect your network from intruders. We configure your network design, switches and firewalls to provide adequate protection against worms and other malicious activity.

Security Awareness Training

A company's staff are a key part of an organisation's security strategy. When a company's IT systems are properly secured, hackers seek ways to manipulate employees as a way of circumventing defences. Our customised workshops ensure your staff are aware of common social engineering techniques. We step through some of the ways employees are commonly targeted, and provide guidance on what to do when something seems fishy.