Security Consulting

We protect Australian businesses from cyber threats

A core focus of Acumenis is to understand the individual business and technology needs of our clients. We then work to ensure those needs are met, while significantly reducing exposure to cyber-attacks.

For clients with compliance requirements for a formal Information Security Management System (ISMS), we provide ISO 27001 consulting services to assist in the development and maintenance of an IT security program, and obtain compliance certification.

For smaller businesses, or those that are not ready for a formal ISMS, we provide a more economical and expeditious security improvement service, designed to mitigate risks and detect threats at each stage of a security breach, including:

  • Initial Intrusion (such as through a malicious email attachment)
  • Privilege Escalation (for example, gaining admin rights)
  • Obtaining Persistence
  • Lateral movement of attackers or malware throughout a network

Acumenis can work alongside your existing IT staff or IT provider, to supplement their capabilities with specialist security skills and experience. We usually begin with an IT Security Design Assessment, before proceeding with transformative security improvement efforts, such as server hardening, network hardening or application whitelisting.