Staff Awareness Workshops

A company's staff are a key part of an organisation's security strategy. When a company's IT systems are properly secured, hackers seek ways to manipulate employees as a way of circumventing defences. Our customised workshops ensure your staff are aware of common social engineering techniques. We step through some of the ways employees are commonly targeted, and provide guidance on what to do when something seems fishy.

Too often, staff can be either embarressed or afraid to report a malicious email or website that they may have opened. Our workshops can break down those barriers, ensuring that staff know what to look out for, while feeling comfortable with notifying IT staff when they may have been tricked into clicking something.

We can perform a one hour workshop for your staff at your premises, or can provide a venue if required. Catering is provided.

Phishing Awareness Campaigns

Used in conjunction with staff awareness workshops, phishing campaigns involve your staff receiving realistic, yet harmless phishing emails. This allows business owners to gauge the current level of staff awareness, and identify where additional training may be warranted. Performed properly, they can help staff to identify signs of a phishing email and report suspicious messages, without feeling guilty or afraid.