Server and workstation hardening

Improve the resiliency of your systems against attack

Acumenis can bolster the resiliency of your company's servers and workstations, often without the need for any additional investment in security products. We mitigate entire classes of attack in many environments by simply taking a considered approach to server and workstation configurations. We make use of features and techniques that are readily available, but too often neglected.

Many available security features are disabled to prevent disruption to staff, or due to application compatibility. We're experienced in deploying these technologies in ways that allow staff to work unimpeded, while also ensuring that they're not exposing the organisation to unnecessary risk. Some of the strategies we're experienced with include:

  • Application Whitelisting, including Device Guard, AppLocker and Software Restriction Policies
  • Credential Hygeine, to limit theft of credentials by malware
  • Application Hardening, for example to reduce exposure to macro, OLE and DDE attack techniques
  • Restricting lateral movement and privilege escalation should a machine be compromised.

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